Why PCBLP Is The Best Property Management Service Panama City Beach Offers

Panama City Beach Luxury Properties

Now that you have decided that hiring a property management Panama City Beach company is the right thing for you to do, may we suggest you take a look at our company, Panama City Beach Luxury Properties. We charge less than most companies, but offer so much more; when you place your trust in us, we promise you 25 to 40 percent higher revenue than the other property management Panama City Florida companies. But more than that, when you hire us, you will soon find that we make vacation rental home ownership easy – and who doesn’t want that?

We’re different than the rest

When you sign up with us, you become family, and we take care of family! We understand the value of a dollar and enjoy saving you money almost as much as we love making you money. We aren’t going to charge a fee for every little thing we do – that’s just not our style. We charge flat rate maintenance fees – starting as low as 35 dollars a month – and with those fees we take care of everything from as small a detail as changing out your filters to as large as taking care of the taxes and maintenance of the entire property. When you choose Panama City Beach Luxury Properties, you will get a full page on our website, with high quality wide angle pictures of your property and a dedicated email marketing database. Our owners come from a high tech background and as such have created a streamlined system that answers all email inquiries within minutes…including those that come in the middle of the night! We aren’t a large company, so we promise personalized service and we can guarantee you won’t get lost in the shuffle as you might with other larger companies.

Value driven

We get it – you aren’t made of money, and you want the most out of what you spend. We charge less than other property management companies, but we perform so much more. We continuously study the rental market and price our properties at rates high enough to increase your revenue, while keeping them low enough to beat other rental company’s rates.

We maintain your property, keeping all equipment running smoothly, ensuring  trouble free rental experiences for vacationers. Also, if you have 3 maintenance issues in a year costing over 750 dollars, we will give you $1000. That’s how sure we are about our maintenance expertise.

Our housekeeping service goes above and beyond to ensure a pristine rental – as a matter fact, after the second day of renting one of our Panama City Beach Luxury Properties, we ask the guests to answer a survey and we use those results to help us not only maintain but to improve. Happy guests are repeat guests and repeat guests equal more money in your pockets!

At the end of the day

If you’re looking for a high yield, low stress property management company you need look no further than Panama City Beach Luxury Properties. We know the market, we offer only high end luxury homes that we maintain and keep immaculately clean; no one works harder for you than we do. Check us out – we think you will be very happy with what we have to offer!