Vacation Rental Management Tips To Make Your Non-Beach Rental Stand Out

Your vacation home is not on the beach? No problem!

A lot of investors assume that if your vacation home is in a beach town – but not on the beach – you will not reach optimal revenues. Any good vacation rental property management company can tell you this is not true! Yes, a beach house does garner higher rental rates, but the truth is, many beach house owners don’t put the time and detail into a beach house that owners off the beach do. They are on the beach – why should they spend extra on the amenities is the thought pattern; quite frankly, people want more. The thinking investor, however, knows if you maintain a clean, beautiful and luxurious home, it is quite possible you will be able to put even more money in your coffers. Read more for some tips on making the most out of your non beach vacation rental property.

Find a home that’s not far from the beach

Is the property you are looking at within walking distance to the beach, or at the very least within a short drive? If the price is right, this is the home you should grab! Most likely the sales price of said home is going to be lower, giving you the opportunity to add more amenities, and people will not feel shorted if they have to walk to the beach. Plus maintenance costs tend to be lower; the upkeep isn’t as dramatic as it would be if your home had to fight the elements of the beach.    And if it’s within walking distance you can still charge rental rates that are very close, if not the same, as for those right on the water – lower costs plus beach rental rates equals a higher amount of green in your bank account!

The beach isn’t the only thing in town

Theme parks, fine dining establishments, shopping centers, spas, museums, arts, nightlife…there’s a whole world out there that doesn’t include the water – play it up in your advertising! The more you show there is to do near and around your vacation rental, the more likely it is there will be no downtime in rentals. Not many people go to the beach during bad weather, but everyone can go to a museum anytime. Your goal here is to have as few unrented nights as possible to allow your vacation rental to continue to pay off as an investment. Talk with local vacation rental management companies for other ideas on advertising. Panama City Beach Luxury Properties will be happy to discuss this and more with you!

Pools, hot tubs, and game rooms

Any vacation rental property management companies will tell you, the more luxuries you have in your property, the easier it is to advertise. Not on the beach? No problem – you have a heated pool, a hot tub and other luxuries that “create a tropical paradise in your own backyard!” Gourmet kitchens, high thread count linens, a fully accessorized game room – all great items to create the total vacation experience vacationers desire and make your home THE place to rent. Add in all the great extras your Panama City Beach Luxury Properties management company provides and you will be laughing all the way to the bank; it’s a win-win situation!