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Tidewater Beach Resort

Tidewater Beach Resort

Tidewater Beach Resort Condos

Waking up to the sun, sand, and surf is an experience like no other. Truly, it’s hard to imagine the beauty of the Florida sun as it peeks above the waves, which lap across the shore with quiet splashes, unless you’ve been there and experienced it already. This is why you must visit Panama City Beach, and precisely why Tidewater Beach Resort condos are the accommodations for you! Located right on the shore, with beautiful beach views and easy access to all the incredible attractions in Panama City Beach, Tidewater Beach Resort condos provide vacationers with a prime location in addition to incredible properties. Better yet, PCBLP is here to help you find the best condos available so you can make your vacation more enjoyable than ever before.

Here is just a peek at what you can expect here at the Tidewater Beach condominiums, and why so many choose this as their vacation destination in Panama City Beach.



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Why you’ll Love Tidewater Beach Resort Condos

There is a long list of reasons why you’ll love Tidewater Beach Resort; however, here are the most pertinent and attractive ones that you simply cannot miss out on:

  • Two HUGE Lagoon Pools: Though the beach is right across the way, the two large lagoon pools flanking the complex truly bring another level of relaxation and enjoyment to this wonderful vacation spot. Just sit back, relax, and listen to the sounds of Panama City Beach as you lounge around these beautiful pools!
  • Fitness Center and health Bar: Want to combat the vacation weight gain? Then the 4300 sq. ft. fitness center and health bar on property are certainly worth a look!
  • 31st floor Sky View Lounge: If you TRULY want to take in the views of Panama City Beach, there’s not a better place than the Sky View lounge on the 31st floor!
  • A Wide Variety of Properties: Whether you’re a small family, a large group, or a single traveler, PCBLP offers the properties that you are looking for. From 1 bedroom properties that sleep 4 to condos that sleep as many as 10, the choices are varied; however, all have their trademark quality that you expect from a PCBLP property!
  • Tons of Amenities: Featuring comfortable seating, high-end furnishings, picturesque views, large HDTVs, cable television, Blu-Ray or DVD players, high quality kitchens, and much, MUCH more, our properties have more amenities than almost anywhere else.
  • Tons of Activities: As with anywhere in Panama City Beach, staying at the Tidewater Beach Resort gives you access to a wide variety of fun activities and attractions, including shopping, nightlife, bars, golf, and culture!

If you’re interested in a Tidewater Beach Condo in Panama City, Florida, just click on a property to see what it has in store for you! And remember; PCBLP is here to help. Call today to learn more about our amazing properties!