At PCBLP We Appreciate Our Owners

Owner Client Testimonials

”Claire’s Beach Cottage is a special place for us and Panama City Beach Luxury Properties does a great job of taking care of it. We weren’t sure what to expect with how much money it would make, but in 2013 and 2014, they’ve consistently exceeded expectations! PCBLP is responsive to our needs, our property is well cared for and they’re making us great money!”

~ Mark Vick – Claire’s Beach Cottage

”We couldn’t be happier with the team at PCBLP. We came to them from our previous management company after feeling let down with soggy revenue numbers and poor care of our condo. Jason Koertge and his team put together a plan and marketing strategy to get us turned around and 2013 our “take-home” was almost double what we did in 2012. For 2014, even with a slow spring season compared to 2013, we still had a year over year increase! The team at PCBLP has been easy to work with, they’ve made us a lot more money and our property is very well cared for.”

~ Jeff and Liz Raw – Calypso 305w

”We own two great properties with PCBLP and they do an amazing job in creating more revenue than expected and taking great care to keep them in top condition. The team at PCBLP has been instrumental in making recommendations to maximize our revenue and ensure we are as profitable as possible. They are very detail oriented, very well organized, honest, and very smart with how they handle their marketing. I never hear of anyone making more money than what we make!”

~ Ron and Kay Rago – Ocean Reef 709 and Tidewater 705

”The PCBLP team was referred to me by our dear friends at Beachy Beach real estate, and they’ve done a fantastic job! I love how they are attentive, responsive, they take great care of our 2 properties and they give us excellent feedback and advice on how to maximize revenue on our investment. With their guidance, we’ve put together two fantastic properties that perform exceptionally well and far better than other condos similar to ours. We couldn’t be happier, 2014 was amazing and we are looking forward to an even better 2015!”

~ Deb Moore – Tidewater 1017 and Sterling Breeze 1707

”In October 2011 I purchased my five-bedroom penthouse, 1701 Grandview East. My own realtor estimated annual revenues would be around $65,000. In 2012 with Oaseas in charge I didn’t come close to that estimate. I received $36,492.10 minus their management fees. (Oaseas was the official management company for the building at that time, now they are bankrupt, allegedly leaving numerous owners unpaid for months of rental revenues.) Luckily I switched in time to PCBLP at the start of 2013. Revenues in 2013 reached an amazing $90,418.04; and 2014 will beat that. Meanwhile my management fees with PCBLP were still less than what Oaseas charged for its terrible performance. When I bought my second unit in 2013 I changed management over to PCBLP in the middle of the season and I had some fears about replacing the lost reservations. It was no problem at all. All weeks were sold out. Their website plus the better pictures on and VRBO make a difference!”

~ William Burger – Grandview East 1701 and Marisol 1001

Why We Are the Best

At PCBLP, we have a curated system that is tailor-made to create more rental revenue for your Panama City Beach vacation rental at a lower cost, all while taking better care of your rental home than any other company. We have a top-down approach that starts with the marketing and is polished off with service, service and more service.

The first part of our un-paralleled marketing is having unique and remarkable rental properties like yours. We then carefully craft a story around your property, emphasizing the attributes that have the most value to the guest. Then we combine this story – along with excellent photography – with the highest exposure money can buy on sites like VRBO, HomeAway and FlipKey. This generates a tremendous amount of guest inquiries.

Once the guest inquiries begin pouring in, our Inquiry Response System works 24/7/365 to get custom rate quotes to each and every inquiry that comes in. This system provides the rate for their stay, a link to your home’s page on our website, and instructions on how to book their stay. Then we personally get in touch with each inquiry by phone and email and continue to follow up until they rent with us or tell us they found something else.

When the guest is here with us, we work hand over fist to ensure satisfaction through excellent customer service. And with our triple layer inspection process and in-house maintenance team, we ensure your home is kept in tip-top shape.

We Guarantee More Revenue and Better Care for Your Property

We know choosing your Panama City Beach rental management company can be a difficult prospect. Fortunately, here at, we’re here to make that decision just a bit easier!

  • We Take Care of your Property–Period! – We have the best maintenance and cleaning crews around, so we know your property is in good hands. But, if you have 3 maintenance issues totaling $750 or more in a 1 year period, we’re prepared to give you $1000.00 for your troubles. But remember; we have NEVER lost an owner that’s joined our program, and we’ve never had maintenance issues that didn’t arise from normal wear and tear!
  • We Guarantee an Increase in your Net Revenue – We are so confident in our ability to improve your revenue that we guarantee it will happen. In fact, if you switch to us and see a net-decrease, we’re prepared to cut you a check to cover the difference! Of course, you too must be prepared for the 20 to 40% increase in net revenue that we normally provide for our clients!
We track the data that matters


Each week, 2 days after a guest arrives, they receive a request to rate their housekeeping experience. We not only use this as a tool to incentivize housekeeping staff, we also use this as data to track the quality of our service. Marketing and reservations are critical to the success of each property, but when the guest checks in, that is the final test on how well we did. We track our performance weekly, review with key staff, make adjustments where necessary and use the data to continually improve. We consistently maintain a 4.3 out of 5 star average for any trailing 30 day period.

VRBO Reviews

Studies show that VRBO listings that have many 5 star reviews consistently out perform those that don’t. Our goal is to provide beautiful accommodations and excellent customer service to all guests, and the tangible result from that success is earning a 5 star review. We track new VRBO reviews weekly and we incentivize staff to work towards achieving them because the properties that have more reviews have higher occupancy, higher rates, less negotiation and better overall success and guest satisfaction.

*Note: Getting a 5 star review is a team effort between us and our owners. In order to achieve success, the property must be up to date and in good condition.

 Low Management Fees 

One of the many ways we stand out from conventional property management companies in Panama City Beach is our value-driven approach to management fees.  We keep our costs low so we can provide extraordinary value to our clients and continue to deliver higher revenues and better care, every single time.

We have built a family and it’s important that everyone is happy.

We are a full service Panama City Beach property management company, and we handle all aspects from rentals (obviously), cleaning, maintenance, taxes and upkeep.  We don’t nickel and dime our owners and our flat rate maintenance fee (starts at $35/mo) covers most regular maintenance issues and regular things like a/c filter changes, light bulbs, batteries and common maintenance issues.

We market each property individually

We are small, and because we are small, we can market each property individually.  We have found that, generally speaking, properties that are marketed individually have higher occupancy rates and a higher average nightly rate than properties that are managed as part of a pool.

Larger companies spend millions of dollars marketing their company in hopes of generating enough interest to filter down bookings to each of your properties they manage.  Their “system” is supposed to randomly and evenly assign reservations to your property without bias.

Each of our properties are treated special and receive:

  • A page on our website (example)
  • High resolution, wide-angle photos
  • Dedicated VRBO AND HomeAway listing (cost covered by owner, it’s worth it)
  • Dedicated email marketing database

On our program, individual owners are rewarded for their amazing rental condo because we highlight what makes it amazing and provide visibility for it that leads to bookings.  Each inquiry that comes in is property specific, which means we can maximize all occupancy opportunities for your property.  You don’t have to worry about leads that should be yours going into another property.

All email inquiries answered within minutes

The founders of Panama City Beach Property Management have a tech background, and with that, technology has played an essential role in systematizing and streamlining everything.  A huge part of that is our Automated Inquiry Response Dashboard Powered by Streamline VRS.  Each inquiry that comes in through VRBO (90% of all inquiries) is responded to with a customized and personalized quote within minutes.  Even in the middle of the night.

Then usually within minutes after the response goes out, the inquires get a phone call from us following up to answer more questions and sell them on our winning personalities andy why they need to stay with us.

It’s this personalized, inquiry-specific approach that results in a higher reservation closing ratio than most.

Make adjustments to maximize occupancy

Another great element to having a fantastic and powerful system is that we can make adjustments to take advantage of opportunities.  Through our system, we keep close tabs on reservation ratios, monitor rate performance per period and run promotions where we need to fill gaps.  We do all sorts of fun things ranging from targeted email blasts to our large database, Facebook promotions, or publish specials on our sister site

We have an extremely good feel for the market, when demand is the strongest (and when it’s not) and use that leverage to take advantage of every rental opportunity we can find.  This leads to higher rates during the appropriate periods, more revenue for the owner and a more successful relationship.

Another example of how this is illustrated is looking at our general occupancy averages.

Across 50 properties, when considering the higher demand rental period of March through end of October, our property owners see an average 83% occupancy over the 245 day period.  This equates to an average of 203 nights rented during that 8 month period.  This does not include snowbird rentals, or any other rentals for that matter during the months of November through end of February.

Are you seeing that high of occupancy rates?

Customer service based

Let’s face it, any business owner would love to have a cash machine in which they can just “set it and forget it.”  But, the vacation rental business is not one of those machines.  Serving guests coming to the beach is a very customer service intensive business and we take the responsibility of being tourist’s portal to the beach very seriously.  Our staff always wears a smile while on the phone with guests.

When people come to the beach, it is crucial they have a great experience.  Everything from the reservation to the check-in to the check-out experience needs to run smoothly and feel good to the guest.  Good experiences lead to word of mouth marketing, which makes everyone’s job easier.

We own

In 2006, the CEO of Panama City Beach Luxury Properties founded  The purpose was to discuss real estate, economic growth and tourism in Panama City Beach.  Today is considered the authority on a variety of topics and is spoon-fed over half of it’s 125,000 monthly page views by search engines.  When searching a variety of keywords related to Panama City Beach, PCBDaily is returned on the first page bringing visitors right to our front door.

The topic of owning is at the bottom of this list because we built Panama City Beach Luxury Properties without it.  From 2010 to February of 2012, PCBDaily was in the hands of another company, and was only recently acquired.  We’re planning a variety of promotions and ideas to leverage this asset for the 2012 tourism season, including it as leverage to get free stuff for our guests!

Remember; if you’re looking for top of the line property management in Panama City Beach, FL, can help. Call today to learn more!