Preparing your Panama City Vacation Property for Property Management Services

Let’s get this place rented!

You’ve bought the house, furnished it, added some high end luxury amenities, and now your new vacation rental property management company will soon be coming by to snap photos for the website…what do you need to do to make sure your home is ready? The simple answer is making sure your home is clean, uncluttered and luxurious – your company will thank you for this, we promise. For more details, however, continue reading; we’ve prepared a list of some things you need to know to get your property ready for your property management services.

Cleanliness is important

High definition digital photography is simple to use, creates gorgeous photographs and makes everyone a great photographer. The down side is every little flaw will be magnified and on display for all potential renters to view. Dust, mildew, and chips in the paint do not make for good pictures – we can guarantee there is almost no bigger turn off! Your best bet is to hire a cleaning company (Panama City Beach Luxury Properties can recommend someone if you are new to the area!) and have them come in just prior to the pictures being taken. Scrub bathrooms and kitchens, sweep and mop the floors, make sure rugs are straightened and beds are made – a good cleaning service can do all this and more. Trust us, sometimes it’s the little things that make the most impact!

Paint is the cheapest renovation detail that makes the largest impact

Freshly painted walls, inside and out, can change dingy, cheap, and dirty into bright, expensive, and awesome! At 20-50 dollars per can, a 1000 dollar investment can create a home that looks as if you spent $50,000 or more! If you’re not an expert painter, hire someone local; paint mishaps can be costly and will be magnified in photographs. Details are important!

The little details matter

People will notice if you have an ivory stove, a black refrigerator and a stainless steel microwave; they may be all brand new appliances, but if you don’t pay attention to those details, vacationers will wonder what else you aren’t paying attention to! Matching appliances, dishes, even silverware can be the detail that convinces your future renters you offer only the best! Throw in some small luxury toiletries in the bathrooms and a basket of necessities for the main living areas (dish soap, paper towels, even a gift certificate to a local restaurant and a nice bottle of wine) and your guests will be sure to think of you next year when they are planning their next vacation!

We’ve put a lot of thought into what makes a rental property viable

Good vacation rental property management companies know the secrets to what helps make your investment property rentable; excellent property management companies shares those secrets with the owners of the homes. Panama City Beach Luxury Properties wants to be the company you choose; why not check us out and discover how simple the world of investment vacation rental properties can be when you pick the right people to partner with!