About Panama City Beach

If you’re reading this, you probably already know Panama City Beach has amazing beaches, super awesome white sand, crystal clear emerald green waters and flat-out amazing weather all year long.  We’re lucky to live down here, and you’re lucky to come vacation with us.

Panama City Beach is regarded as the “world’s most beautiful beaches” – because they are.  Our sand is so white, northerners often comment that it looks just like snow.  The water’s a clear, emerald green and depending on your style, you can find beach that’s packed with crowds, or beach that’s vacant and all to yourself.  From one end to the other, it’s 27 miles of perfect paradise.

The beach is amazing, we covered that.  But here are some of the other fun things to do in Panama City Beach that make it so cool!

Panama City Beach GuidezIMG_2372wtmk

With one of the world’s greatest beaches just outside your front door, you may be tempted to spend your entire vacation on the beautiful white sands, and who can blame you? But, there are certain things you simply must know before you start your beach vacation, so never leave home without our Panama City Beach guide! This way, you can get the most out of your beach going experience – click here for more info!

Arts and CultureVivid playful strokes and paintbrushes

Want to spend your days reveling in the inspiration of human creation and art? Then Panama City Beach is the perfect place for you. From the Amelia G. Tapper Center for the Arts to any number of theaters and art exhibits, Panama City Beach is truly a hot spot for the artist in you.

Kids AttractionsCloseup portrait of cute baby girl swinging on water attractions in aquapark, luxury entertainment on summer resort, stylish adorable child in swimming pool

Kid-friendly activities are a must for any vacation; after all, your vacation can’t be all about you! Fortunately, here in PCB, you’ll find a wide variety of family and kid-friendly activities, so you all can enjoy your time here; don’t forget to check out Wonderworks!

Panama City Beach Barsa Glass of whisky on the bar

With a plethora of bars in Panama City Beach, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to sit back, relax, and drink your favorite pint. Above all else, each and every bar on this list is purely local – no chains here! Taste some local brews, watch the game, and see why Panama City Beach is so well-known as a relaxation destination!

Panama City Beach NightlifeYoung People Celebrating by the Beach

If a laid back bar isn’t enough for you, the party goes all night long here with the nightlife in Panama City Beach! Check out these clubs, restaurant and bars, and nightlife hot spots that will keep you out well past your bedtime. Don’t worry, we won’t tell; you ARE on vacation after all!

Restaurants in Panama City BeachTable and chairs at tropical beach restaurant

If you’re craving new foods, new experiences, and more variety than you can shake a fork at, then Panama City Beach won’t disappoint. With a wide range of casual eateries, laid back fish shacks, upscale formal restaurants, chains, and local favorites, Panama City Beach is a perfect place to get your grub on. Click here to learn more about our amazing selection of restaurants!

Panama City Beach Water SportsYoung man surfboarding in summer

From snorkeling to scuba diving to jet skiing and more, Panama City Beach is a wonderland for all types of water sports. And, if you’re looking for the best places to jet ski, cruise, sailboat, or otherwise let out the daredevil in you a bit, we can help you out. Click here and let PCBLP.com transport you to the world of Panama City Beach water sports!

Shopping in Panama City BeachA woman shopping in a mall carrying shopping bags

Panama City Beach has no shortage of shops, boutiques, and outlets so you can shop to your heart’s content! Check out these amazing local shops, and spend your days on your vacation doing what you want to do; shop like there’s no tomorrow!

Panama City Beach Snorkeling

Beautiful water, gorgeous sea creatures, and a wide variety of snorkeling supply stores make Panama City Beach snorkeling one of the best attractions in the area! Whether you’re a beginner, or you’ve been snorkeling your whole life, Panama City Beach is truly a snorkeler’s haven. Visit today to learn more about where you can get your snorkeling gear, as well as the best snorkeling tours around!

Pet Friendly Panama City Beach

If you’re looking for a prime, pet friendly vacation spot, we’ve got you covered. Panama City Beach is a great dog friendly area where you AND your four legged furry friend can have a blast!

Yoga in Panama City Beach

Whether you want inner peace, or just a nice place to practice your yoga stretches, Panama City Beach has you covered! With everything from beach yoga to advanced classes, Panama City Beach yoga is sure to be a blast. Don’t forget to check out Mermaid Heather!

Panama City Beach Sports and Activities

Whether you want to play tennis, go for a run, hit the back 9 with some of Florida’s best golf courses, or simply get your heart pumping, Panama City Beach offers a variety of opportunities for the sporty vacationer. Visit today and see what you can do to satisfy the sportsman in you!

Panama City Spas

Nothing’s more relaxing than a quiet day at the spa, which is precisely why Panama City Beach is home to a wide range of spas that simply must be experienced to be believed! Whether you want a full service spa day, or simply are looking for the perfect masseuse to relieve the stress of your day to day life, Panama City Beach can help. Read more to see why Panama City Beach is so amazing for your spa day!


If you’re trying to avoid gaining that “vacation 15”, there are plenty of opportunities for exercise in Panama City Beach. Just check out the many beaches, jogging trails, and hiking areas, and do your best to stay away from the buffet!

Parks in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is home to a wide variety of beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable parks that truly are perfect for cracking open a book in and forgetting the stress of the world! Check out our guide to the best parks in the area, and see why many see Panama City Beach as the relaxation capital of Florida!

Panama City Beach Piers

Piers and beaches go hand in hand, as many see these important fixtures as enjoyable places for relaxation, discovery, and beauty. Fortunately, Panama City Beach offers quite a few piers where you can fish, star gaze, or just look out over the beautiful waters of the gulf. They may cost a small fee, but these piers are truly worth seeing on your next Panama City Beach vacation!

Eco Tours in Panama City Beach

If you’re a wildlife fanatic, Panama City Beach’s eco tours may be an attraction that you enjoy! From Andrews State Park to Gayle’s Trails, and much, much more, these eco tour hot spots will satisfy your love of wildlife, biking, bird watching, and everything else you could ever want out of an eco tour! Visit today to learn more about these amazing experiences!

Cruises in Panama City Beach

Cruises are a vacationer’s dream. Spending your days on beautiful feats of American engineering, these incredible boats provide unforgettable memories that no Panama City Beach vacation should be without. If you’re interested in taking a cruise through the gulf, then click here and read our guide! You won’t regret it!

Panama City Beach Camping

If your dream Panama City Beach vacation includes sun, surf, a tent, and the open sky above your head, you’re in the right place. With some of the best camping spots in Florida, Panama City Beach camping can be one of the most enjoyable activities you take part in! Check out Campers Inn, Panama City Beach RV resort and more!

Panama City Surfing

Though surfing doesn’t often come to mind for those who know Panama City Beach well, there are certainly many locales that are perfect for a surfing vacation. Truly, the beautiful backdrop, large waves, and even a wide variety of surfing lessons make Panama City Beach a surfing paradise! Call today for more information!

Biking in Panama City Beach

With an astonishing amount of beautiful biking trails – as well as quite a few bike supply stores – biking in Panama City Beach isn’t just possible, it’s recommended! No matter if you’re a beginner who just likes a nice evening out on the trails, or a professional who wants a true challenge, you’re going to love biking in Panama City Beach; we guarantee it!

Weddings in Panama City Beach

If you dream of the most beautiful wedding imaginable – complete with a natural backdrop, the ocean at your ankles, and unforgettable venues – Panama City Beach may be your dream vacation spot. With beautiful surroundings, and romantic sunrises and sunsets, you simply won’t do better than Panama City Beach for your wedding!

Panama City Beach Boating

Whether you’re looking to catch some deep sea fish, or just want a relaxing day out on the surf, Panama City Beach boating can be one of the best things you do on your vacation. Click here to learn more about the several marinas in the area, as well as the best places you can go to get your boating equipment; the Gulf awaits!

Pier Park

pier park panama city beach shoppingPier Park is a 1.1 million square foot shopping adventure fit with mom-and-pop retailers, big-box chains and department stores, a large variety of dining and a huge 16 theater movie cinema.  With over 100 shops and restaurants, you’d be hard pressed not to find what you are looking for here.  You can get anything from seafood to burgers to wings and dress anyone from your toddlers up to grandma and grandpa.  Looking for live entertainment?  Every New Year’s Eve and July Fourth Pier Park holds huge events and all through the summer, live bands play in their promotional area in front of Starbucks.

Tons of cool attractions

fun things to do in panama city beach mini golfWhatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.  Mini-golf?  Check.  Go-carts?  Check.  Dune Buggy track and racing?  Check.  Zip line?  Check.  Dolphin tours, Zoo World, Gulf World Marine Park, Shipwreck Island – if you need a break from the beach or just want to do something different, Panama City Beach is perfect for you.  Destin’s nice, but they’ve got nothing on our extracurricular activities.

Best diving in the country.

diving in panama city beach activitiesShort of going to the Florida Keys or Hawaii, we have THE BEST diving in the USA.  Just a few miles off our coast, we have a plethora of wrecks and man-made reefs that play home to a large abundance of marine wildlife including grouper, tuna, shark, flounder, octopus, and hundreds of other species.


panama city beach fishingWhether you’re wanting to go deep sea fishing on one of the Captain Anderson Marina’s head boats, or charter a private yacht to go on a deep sea fishing adventure, Panama City Beach is the place to be.  Just about any type of sport fishing game or recreational fishing – we have it.  If you’ve always wanted to strap into one of those big chairs and see what it’s like to reel in a fish that’s bigger than you, you can do that in Panama City Beach.  Shoot, if you time it right, you may be able to even catch a sailfish off our Dan Russel Pier.

Tons of cool nature stuff

caving things to do in panama city beach floridaNorthwest Florida is home to some of the coolest state parks in this part of the country.  On the east end of the beach is St. Andrew’s State Park, on the west end is Camp Helen State Park.  Both have tons of amazing nature trails, quiet beaches and historical artifacts to take a peek at.  Just west of here are several more state parks, and to the north is Falling Waters which has tons of amazing waterfalls and the Florida Caverns where you can actually go spelunking.

Amazing accommodations

panama city beach vacation rentals poolWith the real estate boom a few years ago, amazing gulf-front condos grew up everywhere.  We specialize in west-end condos, ones that are near to Pier Park.  This end of the beach tends to be more family friendly and quiet.  The condos that are on this end of the beach are newer, nicer, and offer tons more amenities, such as huge gulf-front pools, enormous fitness centers, covered waterparks for the kids and tons more.  Most of the condos are around 23 floors with Tidewater Beach Resort ringing in at an impressive 30 floors.  Some don’t like being high-up, but for me, I’ll take the upper level floors any day – I love the view.

Panama City Beach AttractionsPanama City Beach Attractions

Panama City Beach is a popular vacation destination full of exciting attractions and activities for people of all ages and interests. Check out this guide to some of the most fun attractions in Panama City Beach now!

Panama City Beach BreweriesBrewery Bars in Panama City Beach

Looking for a unique brew in Panama City Beach? These local breweries are serving up some of the most unique and flavorful beer in all of Florida! Click here to learn about Panama City Beach bars that double as breweries.

Day Trips to 30AFun Day Trips in Florida

When visiting Panama City Beach, there’s much more to do than just visit the beach; there are many great destinations just a short trip away. Read on to learn about the best day trips to 30A.

Live Music in Panama City BeachLive Music in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a premiere vacation destination in Florida, so naturally there are many places where you can find live music to listen to and dance along with. Find out about Panama City Beach live music here.

Panama City Beach MarinasPanama City Beach Marina

The lifeblood of a coastal town is its marinas, and Panama City Beach is no different. There are a few different marinas in Panama City Beach, all of which offer vacationers unique water experiences. Check out our guide to PCB’s marinas right here!

Seafood in Panama City BeachBest Seafood Panama City Beach

It’s only natural that a coastal town like Panama City Beach would have amazing seafood, but with so many restaurants to choose from, how do you know what’s truly the best? You read our guide, that’s how!

Panama City Beach WineriesPanama City Beach Winery

Although you may not think of Florida when you think about wineries, there are some popular wineries in the Panama City Beach area that make some delectable wines. Tour and taste the unique wineries on our list today!

Seacrest Wolf PreserveSeacrest Wolf Preserve

At Seacrest Wolf Preserve, you will find an educational conservation facility dedicated to the endangered wolf. There are four packs in the Seacrest Wolf Preserve; learn about them by clicking here!

Destin Day TripDestin Florida Day Trips

Destin, Florida is a great location for a day trip; located along highway 30A, you can visit this exciting Florida city very easily from Panama City Beach. Find out why you should visit Destin right here!

Gulf World Marine ParkGulf World Marine Park

Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach is the place to be to learn about all kinds of aquatic life. This kid-friendly destination is both educational and entertaining; learn more here!

Signal Hill Golf Club

Signal Hills is one of the most iconic golf courses you will find in Panama City Beach. Learn more today!

Golf Vacation Rentals

What goods a day of golf without a luxury vacation rental to go home too. Learn more about our golf vacation rentals today!

Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals

Our vacation homes on the gulf coast are easily some of the most popular rentals, and for good reason. Learn more today!

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Panama City Beach, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the best things to do in Panama City Beach and we’ll help make your dream vacation a reality! Thank you for visiting PCBLP.com!