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Your 2-Bedroom Beach Houses for Rent in Panama City Beach Fl

Your 2-Bedroom Beach Houses for Rent in Panama City Beach Fl

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, we find our thoughts turning to vacation time and remembering the summers of our youth. Some of us had those big extended families that would rent a large beach house for the summer and spend that summer with a constantly rotating selection of family members. Some of us weren’t as lucky; our families were considerably smaller, but we still managed weeks at the beach in a smaller home, enjoying the sounds and sights of the ocean waters slapping against the beach. Today, you can recreate those summer memories in your own cozy and charming Panama City Beach vacation home. How would you like to step inside one of our delightful 2-bedroom beach house rental homes in Panama City Beach and take a look around?


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Our Beach House Rentals in Panama City Beach 

Two bedrooms does not necessarily mean only a few people can occupy the home. We are pretty good at making the best use out of cozier homes, and most of our 2-bedroom homes can fit eight people comfortably!

The living area is not just decorated in the perfect beach decor; we’ve included sofa sleepers with queen sized mattresses that allow two adults—or even three small children—to sleep peacefully without feeling cramped. All our furnishings are high end and beautiful, but we’ve given a lot of thought to the comfort of our tenants as well, and we make sure our couches are comfy, our chairs are sturdy, and our beds are so wonderful, your dreams will be happy ones; your mornings might start a little later due to lack of interest in getting out of said beds!

In our two story beach house rentals in Panama City Beach Florida, we’ve tucked a secret away in the walls surrounding the hall; a set of bunk beds add space for two more people to sleep happily! Siblings or cousins will enjoy whispering and giggling late into the night in a space designed to make the younger generation smile. A deluxe queen bed in the second room and a premium king sized bed in the master suite allows four more people to dream happy dreams in our amazing vacation home away from home.

The kitchens in our beach house rentals in Panama City Beach Fl are bright and spacious enough to allow multiple chefs to move around easily without bumping into each other. The appliances are all state of the art, the cabinets are custom made, and the counter tops in most of our homes are granite. Meals created in these kitchens are guaranteed to be delicious! 

Location, Amenities & PCBLP

One of many things you can pretty much always count on with our PCBLP beach house rentals in Panama City Beach Florida is that even if the home you choose is not on the beach, it won’t be far away! Sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and beautiful sunsets are just a few of the amenities to expect in your vacation home; we offer only the best for our tenants! Book your PCBLP 2-bedroom vacation home today and start planning your dream Florida vacation. Why put it off any longer? Book today!